Biochar Fertilizer, Fish Char 7-5-5

Biochar Fertilizer, Fish Char 7-5-5

Biochar Fertilizer, Fish Char 7-5-5

Pacific Biochar is proud to offer our first biochar fertilizer product, Fish Char 7-5-5.  Fish Char 7-5-5 is a balanced full spectrum organic fertilizer that provides instant results and sustained long term benefits.  We start with the highest quality locally sourced fish, meat and bone meal. This material is nutrient rich, and is densely packed with a variety of beneficial amino acids, B vitamins, lipids and plant growth promoting compounds. We add to that four ingredients: biochar, langbeinite, basalt rock powder, and molasses.

The addition of high quality biochar enhances the benefits of the fish, resulting in one of the most effective fertilizers on the market today. The biochar acts as a microbial catalyst, helping to break down the fish meal into plant available nutrients. The biochar also acts as a nutrient bank, its high adsorptive capacity reduces nutrient loss by leaching or volatilization, thus increasing fertilizer efficiency and reducing associated costs.

Langbeinite or Potassium Magnesium Sulfate is used primarily to balance out the N:K ratio. It is also valuable as a source of magnesium, which compliments the calcium provided by the bone meal already in the mix. Sulfate is a bonus, none of the other ingredients carry a significant amount of sulfur, an essential plant nutrient.

The Basalt Rock Powder, sourced locally on the Big Island, brings trace elements and seems to have notable response especially on highly weathered soils.

Molasses is used mostly for texture, though it also helps sweeten the smell and feed the microbes.

coffee cherry, biochar fertilizer, Fish Char 7-5-5 has been growing in popularity with Big Island coffee growers

Coffee cherry.  Biochar and our biochar fertilizer product, Fish Char 7-5-5, have been growing in popularity with Hawaii’s coffee growers.

Suzie Hamilton, the Co-Founder and Owner of Plant it Hawaii (Hawaii’s largest fruit tree nursery) states that “Fish Char is the most impressive organic fertilizer I have ever used in my 35 years of nursery work”.

Quote from Robert Barnes of Kona Rainforest Coffee ” [in second year of using Fish Char 7-5-5] I thought my third flowering was going to be the biggest of the year, the biggest I have ever seen, but right now we are on our fourth flowering and my farm looks like snow, I have never seen production like this before.”

Our biochar fertilizer, Fish Char 7-5-5, delivers instant results at highly competitive prices. But where it stands apart from the competition is that it also provides sustained benefits beyond it’s nutrient value, enhancing the productivity of the soils where it is applied for generations to come. FishChar helps to cultivate a healthy and highly active topsoil layer. This is immediately visible as a microbial growth explosion after application. After several applications the cumulative effect can be seen as rich dark topsoil development. Fish Char 7-5-5 is a balanced fertilizer that is local, organic, price competitive, and very effective. We are proud to offer this biochar fertilizer material to the farming community.

AVAILABLE IN HAWAII ONLY.  Check with our local sales staff for pricing and availability:

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