Georgia Renewable Power _ Madison

Pacific Biochar x Georgia Renewable Power – Madison

Biochar Carbon Removal Project

Project Description:

Pacific Biochar Benefit Corporation partners with Georgia Renewable Power’s Madisonfacility located in Colbert, Georgia to harvest biochar from their bioenergy plant whichproduces 412,000 MWh of renewable energy annually. The plant is fueled by forestryresidues including logging debris, urban green waste, and mill residuals from nearbyoperations. The biochar is either applied on local farmland to improve climate resiliency ofthe soil or used as a binding agent for landfill solidification and stabilization at regionalwaste management facilities to prevent hazardous leachate.

Project Start Date:


Project Location:

Colbert, Georgia


Logging debris

Urban waste

Mill residuals

Organic Carbon Content: 


Hydrogen to Organic Carbon Ratio:


Biochar Application Type:

Direct Soil Application

Landfill Solidification / Stabilization

Biochar Application Location:



Crop yield improvements

Hazardous waste leachate mitigation

Soil water holding capacity improvement

Renewable energy production

Green jobs

Annual Production Capacity:

2,900+ tonnes of biochar

7,200+ tonnes of CO2e

Standard and Methodology:

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