Carbon Credits

Pacific Biochar offers carbon dioxide removal with the tangible co-benefits of aiding forest management efforts where our biochar is sourced, and improving soil health where our biochar is applied. Biochar is listed as one of the top five natural climate solutions for climate change mitigation in a 2019 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

Catastrophic wildfires in California make clear the urgency of forest management practices that reduce risk and improve forest health. These Federal, State, and private efforts result in copious amounts of forest biomass residue. We can put that forest biomass to good use by stabilizing the woody carbon into biochar and applying that biochar to the abundant farmlands in the valleys below, where the benefits of improved soil health will be realized for generations to come.

Forest management problems become climate change solutions, and we leave a legacy of fertile soil. 

We can scale quickly to meet the challenge with a unique, low-capital approach that utilizes existing infrastructure. Pacific Biochar designs, engineers, and implements modifications to biomass power plants in areas surrounded by forests designated as high fire hazard. Our carbon dioxide removal projects can be incremental, achieved in steps of 15,000 to 80,000 credits. While our focus is first to succeed in California, this approach is applicable to dozens of similar facilities in the forest areas of the Western US and then across the country and select international geographies. Biomass waste from agriculture and urban areas presents scaling opportunities in other sectors as well. 

Our projects are listed with Carbonfuture and

We are looking for 3 year commitments to purchase credits valued at $74. We outline a range of scaling scenarios below, shovel ready projects in CA achievable with credit purchase commitments: 

M: year 1 – 15,000 credits / y2 – 30,000 / y3 – 45,000
L: year 1 – 30,000 credits / y2 – 140,000 / y3 – 360,000
XL: year 1 – 80,000 credits / y2 – 280,000 / y3 – 600,000

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