Humboldt Sawmill


Pacific Biochar x Humboldt Sawmill

Biochar Carbon Removal Project

Project Description:

Pacific Biochar Benefit Corporation partners with Humboldt Sawmill in Scotia, CA to harvestbiochar from their bioenergy facility which produces 156,000 MWh of renewable energyannually. The power plant uses residues from their mill operation for fuel which in turnprovides power and heat to the sawmill with excess electricity delivered to the local grid.Logs used by the sawmill are FSC-certified and harvested from high wildfire risk areasdesignated by Cal Fire. The biochar produced is sold or deployed primarily to farmers andother landowners throughout California, Oregon, and Washington to improve cropproduction and leave behind a legacy of fertile soil.

Project Start Date:


Project Location:

Scotia, California


Mill residuals from FSC-certified forests

Hazardous wildfire fuels from nearby management areas

Organic Carbon Content: 


Hydrogen to Organic Carbon Ratio:


Biochar Application Type:

Direct Soil Application

Compost Amendments

Animal Feed

Bedding for Farm Animals

Mineland Remediation

Biochar Application Location:




Other US States by demand


Wildfire risk mitigation

Crop yield improvements

Green jobs

Waste reduction

Soil water holding capacity improvement

Annual Production Capacity:

4,000+ tonnes of biochar

10,500+ tonnes of CO2e

Standard and Methodology:

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