Biochar How To

In the Field

 What are thebestways to use In the field? Here are some tips that may you may find useful. Get Started

In the Garden

In the Garden In the Garden… Healthy, productive soils yield nutritious food in abundance. We can help you with that. Get Started

In the Nursery

 In the Nursery Biochar is lightweight, porous, holds water and nutrients, and green plants look great against black. As a potting media component for nurseries it is an absolutely perfect fit. Get Started

In Composting

 biochar-compostIn composting… Biochar can improve the composting process, allowing for faster maturing and reduced loss of nutrients. Get Started

Big Picture

Biochar for Agriculture

 pacific-biochar-21Biochar is not a new material. It exists in soils naturally and has been used in land management and food production for millennia. Learn More

Biochar forWaste Management

 Biochar Waste ManagementSterilized, reduced in size and weight and upgraded to a longer lasting (and more valuable) form of carbon. Biochar production and products offer effective waste management tools. Learn More

Biochar for Energy Production

 pacific-biochar-Biochar production involves the partial burning of plant material. This process releases energy that can be captured and used. Learn More

Biochar to Mitigate Climate Change

 There is a carbon imbalance. Biochar, when adopted on a large scale, will help correct the carbon imbalance. Many other environmental benefits are gained as well. Learn More

Download Info Sheets

Download Info Sheets Here

 pacific-biochar-21Good information that you can download for later reading. Learn More