Newsletter, Fall 2020

Fall Sale and New Product Release

Blacklite Pure at 25% DISCOUNT

A CA made biochar purely from forest residues, with notable mineral content and liming capacity. Ideal for soils with low pH.

  • $170 per ton, $45 per cubic yard (normally $60/yd)

  • Good for orders placed and now thru end of October

  • 20 ton minimum order

New Product: Blacklite Pure, Low Ash.

Biochar made in CA purely from forestry residues. Basically the same as the old standard Blacklite Pure but with very low ash content, mineral content, or liming capacity. A filtration grade biochar with a wide range of applications.

  • $260 per ton, $70 per cubic yard

  • Sold out till November. Place an order now


A catered list of links helpful in planning your biochar and compost applications for improving soil health and crop yield

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