Dirt Rich the movie, free viewing for one week from Earth Day

Dirt Rich the movie, free viewing for one week from Earth Day

Logo for Dirt Rich the Movie featuring Josiah Hunt and Pacific BiocharDirt Rich is now available for viewing FREE for one week!  As much of the world is spending time indoors while “flattening the curve”, here is a movie to watch for those with the luxury to do so.  (Josiah Hunt and the beginnings of Pacific Biochar Benefit Corporation are part of this documentary style movie).

From April 22 till May 1st, the movie can be viewed here for free – https://vimeo.com/290375721 – .  If you miss that window, you can still view the movie for a small fee.

A celebrity testimonial:

Touching, instructive, endearing, astute, grounded, heartwarming, and remarkable. Adjectives cannot describe how skillfully Dirt Rich portrays the emergent wisdom of the new breed of earth stewards, scientists, smallholders, agronomists, and activists who brilliantly husband land (and animals) in order to midwife a regenerative civilization.”    – Paul Hawken

As described by the Producer/Director:

Through regenerative agricultural practices, reforestation of abandoned land, protection and the restoration of carbon rich wetlands, Dirt Rich educates and inspires viewers to contemplate how our choices matter, and how everything on this planet connects.
Dirt Rich takes the viewer on a journey through a multiplicity of carbon strategies that focus on natural solutions that address the revitalization of soil. Currently the planets soils are desperately depleted as the microbial life within them has been greatly destroyed. Scientists are predicting that on the current trajectory there is only enough good soil to support 64 more harvests. This film couldn’t be more timely.

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