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Logistics Manager

Pacific Biochar, Santa Rosa, CA



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$70,000 to $80,000 per year


Why Work Here?

“Fantastic culture, mission and team!”


Job Overview:

We have two key products: biochar material (physical product delivered regionally) and carbon credits (information product delivered globally). We’re looking for an experienced professional to help manage and optimize the delivery of these two products.

(manage) Managing quality assurance at each stage of the process and ensuring timely delivery to our customers is paramount. Any given day we have several trucks on the road and you will be regularly communicating with trucks and dispatch. You will be responsible for collecting and recording important information from each truckload we deliver, and later uploading this information for carbon credit registration where applicable. Meticulous record keeping and data management is a requirement.

(optimize) Moving bulk materials and information is not new, but each of our two key products has its own element of novelty. We seek your help in identifying the best tools available to optimize our processes, and in establishing these new practices. There may not always be a template to follow and sometimes we’ll need to pioneer new methods to get things done.

An ideal candidate has multi-year working experience with bulk materials and information logistics, has firm knowledge of the tools that are used in this space, and has a proven ability to troubleshoot problems and identify novel solutions. An ideal candidate is excited to grow with a small company, and isn’t afraid to take a leading role in the development and continuous refinement of our logistics management systems as we scale.



  • Manage all aspects of freight logistics from site of production to end use customer
  • Manage inventory at storage / distribution locations
  • Track movements of products with multiple carriers in real-time
  • Create BOLs for every load going out to customers as well as transfers between production and storage / distribution locations (as needed)
  • Communicate logistics updates directly with Pacific Biochar team, freight carriers, production facilities, storage / distribution locations, and customers (as needed) to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of biochar products
  • Build long-term relationships with freight carriers and negotiate freight costs to find the best prices on regular shipping lanes (assist with finding and coordinating back-hauls where appropriate)
  • Keep meticulous and organized load records including: pickup / delivery ETAs, addresses, contacts, and per load weights, volumes, & moisture contents
  • Update spreadsheets with load records data and ensure traceability for all biochar production, transportation, and end use
  • Manage carbon credit information uploads, registrations, and associated tracking (i.e. load records, end use locations, delivery status, etc.)
  • Generate reports from load records data and tracking spreadsheets


Qualifications and Skills:

  • Professional experience in logistics management required
  • Experience in logistics management within California region desired
  • Experience in logistics management for agricultural and/or forestry products desired
  • Excel, and/or Google Sheets proficiency required
  • Experience with data management and database management systems desired
  • English language proficiency required
  • El dominio del idioma español es deseable pero no obligatorio
  • Must be able to work from home
  • Must be able to make occasional trips to sites of production, storage locations, and end-use locations (anticipated to be approximately 1 trip/month)
  • BS or greater is desired but not mandatory
  • Multi-year working experience in engineering, agriculture, and/or environmental sectors is desired but not mandatory.


About Pacific Biochar:

Pacific Biochar is a leading environmental technology company specializing in the production and distribution of biochar products.

Our mission is to sequester carbon and leave a legacy of fertile soil. We do this by modifying biomass power plants for biochar production. The biochar produced is then distributed for use in farmlands. After years in the field, we’ve gained fruitful relations with some of the world’s largest ag companies.

Pacific Biochar registered the first carbon removal credits for biochar in North America in 2020, a landmark development for our company and the industry in whole, which is now fueling rapid growth and helping us realize our goals.

We describe our culture as: “great, efficient, flexible, friendly, respectful, displaying perseverance, mindful, determined, supportive, integrity, greed-adverse, mission-driven.”

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