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Biochar, in it’s most basic description, is charred biomass material.

Though seemingly simple, it is so important that it was given its own word to separate it from charcoal – biochar – towards which has been invested untold hours of work and millions upon millions of dollars. Why? What is all the hype about?

Farming andAgriculture

Biochar is not a new material. It exists in soils naturally and has been used in land management and food production for millennia.

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Waste Management

Waste biomass is sterilized, reduced in size and weight and upgraded to a longer lasting (and often more valuable) form of carbon.

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Energy Production

Plants capture energy from the sun. Some of that energy is used to transform carbon dioxide into more complex forms of carbon within their bodies. When that plant matter is exposed to high temperatures, the energy that was used to create their bodies is rapidly released.

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Climate Change Mitigation

There is a carbon imbalance. This imbalance is the seen as the most influential factor in the great Climate Change that we are beginning to experience. Biochar, when adopted on a large scale, will be able to help correct the carbon imbalance.

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