California Biochar

California Biochar

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California Biochar is now available in bulk.

Pacific Biochar has roots in California.  Our primary processing facility is located in Willows, a small farming town north of Sacramento on the I-5.  Our California biochar products currently consist of series of organic material inputs sourced from and processed in Northern California.  Check our biochar price sheet page for up to date information about the availability and pricing of our bulk products.

In California biochar has a special role to play; water use efficiency.  Significant water use efficiency gains have been observed in both clay and sandy soils.  Biochar has a high water holding capacity and when incorporated in soils has consistently shown to improve the soils’ water holding capacity.  Biochar has also been linked to increase water availability.  Biochar has a high water holding capacity, and due to several interesting characteristics that involve physical, chemical, and biological aspects, the water that is held is also highly plant available.   End result; where biochar has been applied, plants consistently show less drought stress.  Please see bibliography below to find more information.

We have California biochar products available.  Our capacity is large, our products are great, and our bulk prices are unparalleled.  See our biochar price sheet for up to date information for how we might be able to help you.  Contact us for direct questions and delivered quotes.  Discounted pricing may be available for large orders.



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