Biochar Application Calculator

The Biochar Application Calculator

How it works:

First, it is all based on volume.  Biochar applications don’t move a heck of a lot once in the soil, so it is good to imagine the application in a three dimensional way.  If applied down the planting row, to a depth of 10″, that is where it will remain for the next few generations.

The “Applied to Soil” section is based on the assumption of 5″ tillage depth.  At 5″ tillage depth, 1/4″ biochar application will result in 5% by volume in that tillage zone.  If tilling deeper or shallower, adjust the “Cubic Yards Needed” accordingly.  So, if you are discing to 10″, a 1/4″ biochar application will result in 2.5% by volume (but deeper in the root zone).

It is rare that an entire acre is tilled.  Usually it is just the planting row or just the middle row (the aisle).

 A tip for the “”Potting Media” section, 200 gallons is roughly one cubic yard.

Applied to Soil
1 Acre = 43560 sq. ft.
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