BiGchar : Biochar Production Technology

The BiGchar (Black is Green) patented biochar production technology features durability, mobility, and accepts a wide range of feedstocks.  Designed and built in Australia by Pyrocal, it has seen many years of development and field deployment and has matured into a tough, efficient, and user friendly machine that can be installed and moved with relative ease.

pacific-biochar_biochar-productionNominal feedstock throughput is 1 ton per hour.  Biochar production is 300 – 500 lbs per hour depending on feedstock and moisture content.  Acceptable feedstocks include: wood chips, green waste, overs, rice hull, corn cob, nut shells and husks, cotton gin trash, pomace, and more. The hearth operates optimally at 600-700 deg C.  The average residence time is 90 seconds.  Larger pieces will naturally remain in the hearth longer due to design.  The resulting char is immediately quenched with water as it exits.  Water usage is 50-100 gallons per hour for char quench.  Electrical draw is typically 5 kw – 15 kw depending on configuration and model.  Emissions are visibly clean and have consistently exceeded air quality standards in all applications tested.  10-20 lbs LPG can be used for quick start up, beyond that the process is auto-thermic.  Start-up and shut-down requires about 30 minutes each.  24 hour operation is optimal.  labor requirements are one person when materials handling is automated, multiple persons if materials handling is manual.   Custom design options include maximized heat recovery attachment and electrical energy generation equipment. Pricing; users should budget for a typical installation in the US to cost around $500k installed for a BiGchar system with an integrated feed bin, when installed at a site with suitable infrastructure (ie. 3 phase power, water, personnel facilities etc.).  Mobile or relocatable systems tend to cost about the same but have higher operating costs for the provision of services and operation of mobile plant. Sales are considered on a case by case basis.  If you believe that your project is a prime candidate for the production of heat and biochar from waste organic materials, contact us to place an inquiry and begin the process.  Pacific Biochar acts as the project facilitator for all US based interest.

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