Fish Char 7 5 5

Fish Char 7 5 5


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Fish Char 7-5-5 Biochar

Only available in Hawaii. Request a quote and place an order for immediate bulk shipping in Hawaii.

Fish Char 7-5-5

This product is a balanced full spectrum organic fertilizer that provides instant results and sustained long term benefits.  We start with the highest quality locally sourced fish, meat and bone meal. This material is nutrient rich, and is densely packed with a variety of beneficial amino acids, B vitamins, lipids and plant growth promoting compounds. We add to that four ingredients: biochar, langbeinite, basalt rock powder, and molasses.

Available in Hawaii only, produced on the Big Island, organic certification compliant. Fish Char 7-5-5 is available wholesale direct with a half-ton minimum. It is delivered in bulk tote bags at 1 ton each, or in 40lb bags stacked on a pallet. We ship pallets to all major islands.

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